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The Premier Wildfire Detection Algorithm


Cutting-edge computing to address a growing danger

We believe wildfire detection has the power to prevent millions of dollars in damage, save communities, and mitigate climate change. In 2018, a raging wildfire came near the founder's hometown and caused over $22 million in damage. Since then, the mission has been to develop the highest-quality wildfire detection model available. 

Forest Fire


Hawknet gives you the power to turn any camera with an internet connection into an effective wildfire early-detection device without having to buy new hardware.


The ability for software to detect wildfires is only as good as the quality of the data it is based on. We used sophisticated curation techniques to build a dataset of over 10,000 quality images. We curated for early-stage wildfires to reduce detection time (which makes the difference between a breakout and a massive event). To go above and beyond, a similarity requirement was used between fire examples and non-fire example images to teach the algorithm to recognize fire from easily mistaken conditions (fog, clouds, sunsets, etc..). The end result is an algorithm with fewer false positives while being very sensitive to actual fires.

Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 2.41.17 PM.png


The development of the detection model combined well-established techniques with cutting-edge science. A new technique for boosting model accuracy developed by Hawknet's founder was published in a peer-reviewed scientific study available at ScienceDirect. This research informed the expert development of the fire detection algorithm and gives Hawknet its edge over other solutions.



Hawknet technology can be integrated seamlessly with your camera infrastructure. Just send any jpeg image to our endpoint and the API will instantaneously return a response with a score and result. If a fire is detected, you can trigger an automatic alert of your choosing to drastically cut down on response times and damage done.

Example Call/Response

Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 3.38.57 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 3.39.46 PM.png
Video Camera Lens

Hawknet In Numbers


Images in Dataset



About The Founder

Lucas Jacaruso is a data scientist and entrepreneur who attended the University of Southern California. Passionate about using the power of technology for public health&safety and combating climate change, he is proud to offer Hawknet as a solution for wildfire prevention. Lucas' scientific works have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals including the Journal of Big Data and Informatics in Medicine Unlocked. 

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